Having your intelligent app, website or bot that can see, hear, speak, understand and interpret your needs through natural methods of communication is the goal of any forward thinking business. We help organisations leverage commodity tooling in AI and Cognitive Services to rapidly improve their business applications with the power of intelligent algorithms. Amplify your applications with computer vision, automated language interpretation and translation, recommendation engines and more.


Modern technology requires modern infrastructure. AI and agile development practices dictate the need for infrastructure that can keep up with their ever increasing demands, whether this be in the cloud or at the intelligent edge. Implementing automation frameworks to govern, deploy, and remediate cloud or hybrid infrastructure is critical to success. Using our extensive experience in designing, implementing and operating secure, enterprise grade cloud platforms, we can help you amplify your IT environments to the forefront of what’s possible.


The modern workforce expects their business technology to evolve and improve at much the same rate as their consumer counterparts. Using AI and automation, we can transform and improve how your office and first-line workers interact with technology, reducing their need to perform manual or repetitive tasks and ultimately unlock their talent to focus on higher value outcomes. Technologies such as bots, voice control, computer vision, and AI powered collaboration, all bring new approaches and opportunities to amplify the jobs of office and first-line workers.