Culture matters: How to ask the right questions, and find a job you love

So, what questions do you have for us? – It’s something we ask at every interview. 

You may note the wording implies that you will have at least one question, and this is deliberate. Questions are your chance to get the really important info about the culture, attitudes and expectations you might encounter should you accept this role.  

Interviewing should always be a two-way street. It’s important to get to know your potential colleagues, and especially your potential manager. Just like plants – we humans grow and flourish when we’re in the environment that best suits our needs.  

We’re all familiar with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs – Belonging sits right there on top. Good questions can help understand if you’re going to “belong” in this team. For example: 

Who’s the best performer on your team, and what makes them unique?

This question should give you insights into what this leader expects from their team, what qualities impress them, and how they refer to their existing staff. Are they appreciative? If yes, what is it that they appreciate?  

What are your plans for the team in the coming 3 / 6 / 12 months?

Ideally, your future leader will have a plan that includes some sort of growth, or at least a furthering of the team and business’s overall aims. Beware of any answer that implies stress, worry or just struggling to maintain the status quo. This is probably not a team you want to join! 

Here at Arinco, we love all sorts of questions. As the old saying goes “measure twice, cut once”, and this is very true to accepting a new job. You’re committing to spending 1/3 of your every weekday with these people, for a few years at least. Ask the seemingly innocuous questions. Some examples here might be; 

What are the team’s expectations around being in the office / on-site?

If you live far away from the city, or you have a current flexible routine that’s working well for you, be sure to discuss with your potential employer what they expect, and really consider how that might affect your life. Do they support the sort of work that makes you happy and productive?  

What are some team rituals / habits / traditions that you do?

Here at Arinco, our people are our finest asset, and we all really enjoy connecting with one another and sometimes just chatting, or exchanging silly memes, or our tradition of sending our crewies totally random Uber Eats surprises – chosen by the crew. Soy milk with shrimp and pickles? Anyone?  

Ask your future team what they do to celebrate, congratulate and connect with each other. If you enjoy the social aspect of your job (and let’s be honest – who doesn’t!), it’s good to ask these questions and again, assess if this environment sounds like the right one for you.   

  • What’s the working environment like?  
  • What are the goals / targets / expectations?  
  • How comfortable do you feel around this person / Trusting your intuition 


bring your best professional self to the interview. Focus, take it seriously and always be professional, but let your natural personality shine through. Wear a mask or pretend to be somebody you’re not in an interview – this will be difficult to maintain in real life.  

Find the employer where you belong, and then be happy bringing your best authentic self to work every day!  

If you are looking for a career that is versatile, challenging where you can learn new things every day – Check out some roles we currently have on offer. 

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