GitHub Universe 2022 key takeaways

With GitHub Universe 2022 wrapping up last week, a lot of new features are currently being discussed and evaluated by customers all across the globe. For those of you who haven’t yet had a chance to dive in, here’s some of our crew’s key takeaways from GitHub Universe!

GitHub Copilot for business

Businesses can purchase and manage licenses for GitHub Copilot for their employees. This will give businesses the proven benefits of core AI-assisted technologies, as well as added admin controls for various GitHub Copilot settings on behalf of your organisation.

If you’re interested in GitHub Copilot for business, you can join the waitlist here.

GitHub Codespaces

Developers will get up to 60 hours of GitHub Codespaces for free every month to start building in seconds. Check it out now, it has already been enabled for everyone!

GitHub Projects Roadmap

Roadmap provides the next level visualisation of your GitHub projects.  Alongside tables and boards, you can create a roadmap view to visualise your work items across a timespan, plan and track a body of work, or watch the progress towards a deadline. With the full picture of timing and progress, you can easily communicate with all stakeholders to keep them up to date.

GitHub Actions Importer

GitHub Actions Importer helps users plan and execute migrations from their former CI/CD tool to GitHub Actions so you can get up and running faster. It’s distributed as a Docker container, and an extension to the official GitHub CLI. It automates a large portion of the migration process for even a large CI/CD footprint, saving you from tedious and error-prone manual labour.

GitHub Actions Importer will be free to any GitHub customer, no professional services contract required.

If you’re interested in GitHub Actions Importer, you can join the waitlist here.

New views for GitHub Security

Security overview’s new risk and coverage views provide greater visibility for GitHub Enterprise users into their security posture and risk analysis. The coverage view gives visibility into enablement across all repositories and is complemented by the risk view that gives visibility into all alerts across these repositories.

Check out the security tab of your repository today.

Missed out on GitHub Universe, check out all the announcements here.

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