Real-world learnings, use cases and observations for implementing AI

In the rapidly evolving landscape of artificial intelligence (AI), many organisations are looking to harness AI’s extensive capabilities to modernise business operations, enhance efficiency, optimise costs, and gain a competitive edge.  

A recent Microsoft report on the Generative AI Opportunity found that the Generative AI coding tools reduced task times by 56% and AI writing tools decreased writing time by 37%, while improving the quality. On average, across the economy, GAI can automate 22% of task-hours, improving labour productivity. 

However, with the adoption of new technologies like AI comes unique challenges due to the dynamic nature and unknown use cases for such innovative technologies. This includes adhering to new regulatory requirements, the risks of fraud and cyber-attacks, and difficulty integrating AI into complex data environments and old systems. 

It requires organisations to think outside the box, to truly discover what is impactful for their unique business.  

Through Arinco’s recent AI projects with our customers, we have discovered a range of real-world use cases applicable across industries, plus have made observations which can help many customers on their AI transformation journey.   

What are some AI use cases?

Our OpenAI Done Right offering kicks off with initial stages of design thinking and discovery workshops, to identify all areas of business that could be enhanced with AI technologies to save time, costs or enhance the quality and outputs. Some of the top use cases are listed below:  

      • Enterprise ChatGPT Environment: A key AI use case is integrating a ChatGPT environment that can be utilised in corporate settings to assist employees in daily tasks, boosting productivity, while ensuring a secure and monitored environment. 

      • Automated Proposal Generation: The automation of proposal generation enables the efficient creation of proposals for tenders, including RFPs and RFQs, reducing time to market and increasing throughput. 

      • Interactive Training Enhancement: Corporate training can also be transformed with AI, creating an interactive experience for employees while providing context-specific information and answers relevant to the organisation. 

      • Customer Service AI ChatBOT: A customer service AI ChatBOT can handle hundreds of customer interactions daily, streamlining customer service by providing quick and accurate responses, ultimately reducing the number of calls and allowing staff to focus on strategic initiatives. 
      • Document summarisation and policy development: When handling large documents in large quantities it can be difficult to store and recollect the right document an employee needs. By using document summarisation employees can quickly identify which documents they require, and the meta-data can be used to enhance search functionality – reducing the time needed to search and download large files. This leads the way for future deployment of document analysis such as financial reports or policies, letter generation and speech writing.


    In our engagements, we’ve noticed several key observations.  

    We have seen that ChatGPT is evidently being used increasingly more day-to-day in the business space within Australia. According to Gartner, 45% of global executives have increased their AI investment due to ChatGPT, with 70% of organisations globally currently exploring generative AI. 

    We have also observed that many people are using ChatGPT whether it’s officially sanctioned by their organisations or not. This indicates a need for the correct education about effective and safe use of ChatGPT. It is also important to help provide more knowledge about differentiating AI from automation.  

    Overall, there is a clear sense of excitement within the industry about the potential for AI to bring about transformative changes in organisations. Many individuals within organisations perceive AI, data, and automation as catalysts with the potential to supercharge business operations.


    Every OpenAI engagement we embark on starts with initial discovery workshops, which we have found to be instrumental in eliciting valuable information that often went unnoticed within various business units.  

    A key learning, we have come across is the gap in knowledge of understanding Enterprise-grade Azure foundations necessary to support the adoption of AI capabilities. Without the right Azure and Data foundations, organisations may find it difficult to implement effective AI technologies that have positive business impacts.  

    Through our work with hundreds of customers, we have discovered this knowledge gap spans across multiple industries and customer segments and hence our Azure Done Right offering was developed specifically to solve this business problem in a simplified way. Deploying enterprise-scale landing zones and setting up the right Azure foundations for customers. If you would like to learn more about the offering, via the webpage here.  


    AI has significant potential to help businesses, and we want to empower organisations to navigate the AI landscape, bridging the gap between AI potential and practical implementation. 

    Employing the use of AI is a game-changer for businesses and Arinco offers transformative solutions to our customers. If your organisation is ready to harness the power of AI technologies, our OpenAI Done Right™ offering is designed to help organisations accelerate their AI adoption, as we work hand-in-hand to assess, identify, advise, and pilot tailored Azure AI solutions. 

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