The #greatresignation? We see a Great Opportunity!

We’ve all seen the articles in our news feeds, the various hashtags #greatresignation – if news sources are to be believed – employees across the world are about to depart from their jobs en masse in 2022. 

According to Microsoft’s research on the matter, up to 40% of employees may seek a career move in the coming year (source). The reasons reported for this enormous shift in the market are varied, and of course will be individual to each employee and their own wants and needs.  

For some, retirement is on the near horizon (1.1%), some are dissatisfied with their managers or company, but for the majority it appears to be as simple as having re-discovered the simple pleasures in life, and finally realising how much we missed out on by needing to commute to an office every day.  

Personally speaking, it’s the little things. Taking a break from work to go outside and water my plants, or just taking a few minutes to read outside. I can safely say I never stood up and left the office to and go read a book outside – but working from home means I can do so most days.  

For most of us, the last two years have been completely unprecedented. Covid-19 has reached every corner of our world and has disrupted almost everyone’s working life in at least some ways. For the average Jo(e), working from home used to be seen as a privilege, mostly afforded to seasoned professionals, who had already built their reputation as being a trustworthy employee, who can be counted on to produce results with minimum oversight from management.  

Now that we’ve adjusted to working from home – most of us want to return to our offices – but only some of the time. According to Microsoft’s 2021 Work Trend Index (a comprehensive study of 30,000 workers across 31 countries (link)); 

  • 70% of workers want flexible working options to continue. 
  • 65% of workers are craving more face-to-face interactions with colleagues.

Although these findings might appear contradictory – the truth is that people want to work from the office sometimes, work from home sometimes, and most crucially – have choice and flexibility to do their best work, rather than being mandated to work at a time and place decided by their employer. Thankfully, that style of working seems to be (mostly) left in 2018 where it belongs. 

Here at Arinco – our philosophy is simple. We hire excellent people, and we trust them to do great work. We don’t care where or when you work – our focus is on outcomes.  

We listen carefully to our staff and try to match our offering as an employer to what will suit each person, and in turn will empower them to do their best work.  

For instance, our Marketing Manager, Emily Penn-Tonkin says;  

“I definitely miss the face-to-face interaction of people in the office but love the balance that working remote offers. Whilst I am not sure what my working arrangements will look like in 2022, I am grateful for Arinco giving me the opportunity to work where best suits me. I think that most workplaces will be looking to (if they haven’t already) readjust their working models to fit into people’s lifestyles, giving them more flexibility and opportunities to find fulfilling work that isn’t necessarily bound by geographical location.” 

We have employees who are 100% remote, some who live in regional areas and wish to travel to the office just occasionally, and others like coming to the office and are eagerly awaiting the day when they can return. Essentially, we recognise that one working style does not fit all, so we encourage our crewies to choose their own adventure, and to embrace hybrid working.  

The great resignation? We see a wonderful opportunity. By creating an environment and culture where people love to work, we are future proofing our crew – and we hope to hire many of those who are making the great leap! 

Interested in hearing more? Arinco are hiring, and we will be throughout 2022. Check out the Arinco Career’s page for more info. 

#greatresignation we see great opportunity
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