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PointsBet is an online gaming company offering customers a range of traditional and new spread betting services. They are currently the only spread betting operator licensed in Australia, offering betting on some of the biggest sports across the world, including the AFL, NFL, boxing, cricket and golf to name a few.

To handle the burst of demand the business has experienced in recent years, the PointsBet’s Cloud Platform and Engineering (CPE) team recognised the need to optimise the hosting platform for their customer facing services.

Whilst they had already taken steps to containerise their flagship product, services still sat in disparate platforms, with a high degree of internal management and maintenance. They were looking for a partner who could put together a plan to modernise their flagship product onto Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) from Docker Swarm.


The Arinco crew led the change together with PointsBet’s Cloud Platform Engineering (CPE) team, moving their flagship product, including over 50 microservices onto Kubernetes.

To ensure a smooth and seamless migration, first Arinco needed to ascertain the knowledge of PointsBet’s flagship application from both a technical and business perspective.

Repeatable, reusable infrastructure using Terraform, Azure DevOps pipelines accompanied by scripts automating manual processes was then utilised to complete the migration.

Key activities included:

  • Collaboration with external teams and vendors
  • Developing infrastructure automation migration scripts and pipelines
  • Development and uplift to existing application code required for a successful migration
  • Documentation of the migration solution and scheduling
  • Handover sessions, ensuring the CPE team members had appropriate knowledge of the migration solution and processes

PointsBet have a tightly integrated and collaborative team which sees the overall delivery of their flagship product. The Arinco crew worked side-by-side with the PointsBet team and were able to minimise impact to the business during migration activities. The following outcomes were achieved:

  • Migration window times were cut down from over 24 hours to less than 6 hours.
  • Delivery quality and performance was improved by reducing manual activities and automating deployments to onboard to AKS. PointsBet are also able to now respond quickly to any performance needs that may come up over time.
  • The administrative overheads of managing different platforms for the product, have now been reduced drastically.
  • Customer experience has also improved, through a fast and responsive platform that can handle all kinds of load no matter how busy the season.

With the revitalised platform up and running, PointsBet have now been able to expand and add new features readily, given more manual tasks are now automated.

“Arinco’s deep expertise of Azure infrastructure and Kubernetes with their ability to quickly understand our technical and business requirements was excellent. Arinco helped us migrate our flagship product from legacy systems to AKS with minimal impact, decreasing our cloud costs, improving performance and enabling us to strategically streamline our delivery platform.” stated Brandon Kenna, Sr. Principal Cloud Architect, PointsBet

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