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Case Study

Modern Consumer Identity with Retailer


A well-known Australian retailer approached Arinco with the requirement of improving their customer experience by unifying the identity experience for customers across their mobile apps, online services, and web sites.

Working with their team, Arinco identified that Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory B2C service proved to be the ideal identity and access management solution for their online users.


The objective of the engagement was to activate, configure, and prepare the development, testing, and production deployments of Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory B2C service for use by their application development team building their new mobile apps and online services.

Azure Active Directory B2C is Microsoft’s secure, reliable, highly-available consumer identity service, with SLA of 99.9%, that is capable of supporting millions of users per organisation and billions of authentications per day.


Through a collaborative and agile delivery model, Arinco was able to successfully deliver;

  • Configuration of identity provider registrations for the local accounts, Afterpay Touch, Facebook, Google, and Twitter

  • Custom login pages with response UIs and localisation

  • Integration for tracking of the end-user engagement with their analytics platform

  • Integration for instantiation of the customer accounts with their integration platform

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