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DPV Health are a large non-profit community healthcare provider, offering patients an extensive range of healthcare and support services. They are trusted within the local region as caretakers of confidential client information. With a strong commitment to ensuring an inclusive and safe environment for all, DPV Health are constantly looking for ways to deliver exceptional care and support services to their customers. 

Having been predominantly on-premises focused, with a small cloud footprint, the COVID Pandemic necessitated a swift move of their workforce to remote working, including unique healthcare challenges such as telehealth and teleconferencing. Information was no longer transiting local networks or even verbal conversations within a clinic – everything was moving to virtual.  

With the move online came a steep learning curve for both staff and patients, which ultimately left them in a vulnerable position. To add to their challenges, DPV Health had just finished merging two separate organisations and moved to insourcing their managed service with a small, dedicated team. Everything from networking, security, identity, endpoints, hosting, collaboration, and productivity had a new set of administrators. 

With the COVID period bringing a notable upturn in phishing attempts, vulnerability exploits and social engineering, Noel Toal, Chief Information Officer, DPV Health highlighted a need to move fast and effectively to provide secure and scalable protection across every facet of their organisation, no matter their location, device, or nature of their work. 


Arinco led DPV Health to deploy and maximise the benefits of the full end-to-end Microsoft Security Stack. The successful implementation and optimisation utilising Microsoft security components across identity, endpoint, application, information and communication scenarios, resulted in the detection, remediation and reduction of real threats within the environment and ensured compliance with the NIST Cybersecurity framework. 

With Arinco’s experience DPV Health were able to: 

  • Identify vulnerabilities and possible attack vectors 
  • Develop a plan for uplifting the security capabilities across all aspects of the cyber kill chain 
  • Implement a Microsoft Security solution which reduced future security risks and potential attacks

The results were immediate, substantial, and reached further than just security. 

By moving all users to a cloud first environment and upgrading the VPN for staff working offsite, mobility of the workforce was enabled for the first time, which also led to more options for the business including telehealth and teleconferencing, in a modern stable and secure platform.  

“Arinco’s expertise in the Microsoft 365 solution and in particular the security stack was fundamental in ensuring the success of our roll out of modern managed devices and ensuring that our employees were protected from the ever-growing cybersecurity risks in today’s landscape.”

Being a small team, managing priorities and workloads are critical. This engagement lowered overall stress levels and workloads for the support team and increased end-user satisfaction, resulting in a tangible reduction in support tickets coming through from end users and detections of Indicators of Compromise (IoCs). 

“Now that the team are setup with the foundation predominately running on the Microsoft 365 system, next steps will be to support the move of all primary servers to Azure over the next six to twelve months.”

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