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Application Innovation

Application innovation is about transforming the experience that users have with your business.  Whether you are modernising existing applications or building next-generation ones, infusing engaging, intelligent and future-proofing technologies, using a cloud-native platform that runs at scale, you can differentiate your business by being at the forefront of what’s possible.

Knowledge Mining

Enrich your data estate by intelligently extracting information out of unstructured data

Intelligent Apps

Build applications with cognitive and bot services to layer an intelligent interface with your users

Modern Integration

Bring together your data and cloud-based applications across your enterprise

App Modernisation

Replatform or refactor your applications to make the most of serverless, containerisation, platform as a service and cloud native technologies

Technology Areas

Application modernisation

Azure Cognitive
& Bot Services

API Management & Integration Services 

Cloud Native Apps

AI & Machine Learning ServiceS

Solution Offerings

Let our expertise and experience accelerate your path to Application Innovation with these established solution offerings.


Amplify your organisation’s intelligence with an Azure Knowledge Mining Solution


Increase your organisation’s agility by application modernisation with Arinco

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