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Cloud Governance

Your cloud platform is your foundation in enabling and servicing your business with technology.  The risks of costs associated with not establishing the foundation right from day one can be significant. By building the right scaffolding and guardrails, you’ll set the direction of your cloud deployments and ensure your environment is secure and governed with enterprise scale standards.  


Build a strong Enterprise and Consumer Identity Platform on Azure AD

Operations and Management

Policies, governance and cost optimisation for running an efficient cloud


Move and optimise your workloads into the cloud at an enterprise scale

Cloud Security

Protect your data, apps, and infrastructure with intelligent cloud security

Technology Areas

Azure AD and
External Identities

Cost Management and Optimisation

Azure Policies,  Management and Blueprints

Azure Security and
Azure Sentinel

Solution Offering

Let our expertise and experience accelerate your path to Cloud Governance with these established solution offerings.


Jump start your consumer identity solution with Azure AD B2C

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Azure AD Administrative Units – Preview!

Recently I was approached by a customer regarding a challenge they wanted to solve. How to delegate administrative control of a few users within Azure Active Directory to some lower level administrators? This is a common problem experienced by teams as they move to cloud based directories – a flat structure doesn’t really allow for delegation on business rules. Enter Azure AD Administrative Units; A preview feature enabling delegation & organisation of your cloud directory. For Active Directory Administrators, this will be a quite familiar experience to Organisational Units & delegating permissions. Okta also has a similar functionality, albeit implemented differently.

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Making The Most Out Of AKS: Tools to Get Production-Ready

Being of a highly complex nature, container orchestration platforms (such as Kubernetes) benefit from being packed into a managed service. A well-designed managed service eases the load on your DevOps team, while keeping things simplified and structured to encourage an optimised and robust environment. Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS) is one such managed service. However, while Microsoft has done what they can to simplify Kubernetes, there is still a lot to architect, build and configure to get this service ready for production. Fortunately, there are a range of supporting products available that can improve your overall experience with productionising AKS.

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Securing your remote workforce against account takeovers

With a significant percentage of workers having now moved from inside the network perimeter to outside, remote workforce security has unsurprisingly become a hot topic. As a result, there are many articles and blog posts detailing the management and patching of devices, VPN split tunnelling and endpoint security.

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