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Cloud Modernisation


VM’s are old hat, so why not get rid of them?
Increase your organisation’s agility with Azure Kubernetes Service

With the advent of the product-centric age, enterprises are overloaded infrastructure and no easy way to unlock their developers to build faster, better products


Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) aims to tackle the problem by bringing an easy to deploy, repeatable, code driven infrastructure that’s self healing and scalable. With Arinco’s expertise in AKS, issues with availability, cost and resiliency are removed, unlocking your operations teams to focus on value add activities. Developers can focus on what they do best, writing code and Arinco will work with them to integrate AKS into your development and operations toolchains.

Why customers use the Infrastructure Modernisation Accelerator
This 5-week engagement is relevant if you;
  • Have a digital application landscape that is yearning to be unlocked from virtual machines and their operational and development constraints

  • Want operational teams adding more value and not overhead

  • Wish to accelerate your adoption of Azure Kubernetes Service

  • Have a line of business app you want to unlock from server hosting
Design & evaluate

Understand best practices for AKS deployment, management and monitoring

Identify line-of-business applications best fitting containerisation

Understand which applications would benefit most from Kubernetes on Azure and integrate a code first delivery approach to migrations

Deploy & integrate

Deploy Arinco’s Infrastructure Modernisation Accelerator

Migrate applications into Azure rich cloud native services

Integrate Azure Kubernetes platform into line-of-business applications

Accelerate adoption of Azure Kubernetes Service to empower your developers to focus on what matters

Monitor & report

Transition from development to operation

Monitor, report and operationalise your Azure Kubernetes environment

Identify areas of improvement and additional targets for future roadmaps

Manage, operate then plan for the further deployment of Azure Kubernetes for other line-of business applications

Infrastructure Modernisation Accelerator with Arinco

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