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Windows Virtual Desktop Accelerator
Fast track your adoption of cloud based Windows Virtual Desktops

Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktops provide your enterprise with a scalable, optimised, and secure solution, built for the cloud


Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) provides a simplified management platform optimised for Windows 10 and Office 365 ProPlus support over Remote Desktop Services (RDS). Leveraging the power of the Azure cloud platform, WVD can quickly scale to support the needs of all your employees with modern workplace and remote working scenarios. Arinco’s expertise in both Azure and Microsoft 365 technologies provides the perfect blend for fast tracking your enterprise’s adoption of this solution.

Why customers use the Windows Virtual Desktop Accelerator
This 3-week engagement is relevant if you;
  • Have a need to quickly scale and deploy virtual desktops or apps to your remote employees

  • Have an existing Azure Platform or wanting to deploy a new green-fields environment

  • Wish to accelerate your Modern Workplace strategy with VDI and RemoteApps

  • Wish to utilise modern security controls to enhance your remote working scenarios

Setup for success

Understand environment prerequisites to successfully deploy WVD

Define and configure your WVD tenant for VDI or RemoteApp scenarios

Prepare and optimise with multisession Windows 10 Images

A solid foundation is required to ensure your WVD solution will deliver the right outcomes to your employees

Empower your business

Identify and deploy WVD to a pilot set of users

Support your WVD change champions within your organisation and help shape the adoption

Identify areas of improvement and fine tune your solution during the pilot

Accelerate adoption of remote working by quickly empowering your users with Virtual Desktops or RemoteApps

Refine and operationalise

Secure, monitor and automate scaling of your WVD tenant with native tools

Monitor and report on usage and performance with WVD

Prepare for other user desktop profiles or applications for a wider rollout within your organisation

Manage, operate then plan for the further deployment of Azure Cognitive Search for other line-of-business processes

Windows Virtual Desktop with Arinco

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